Admissions are on throughout the year. Your child can start coming to our Montessori starting now. To book a slot for your orientation fill out this online form or call us now at 9489480988.

Parents who want to give their child a well suited learning environment to bring about an all round development and are interested to find out more about us and the Montessori methods are most welcome to come have a discussion with us to know what makes this method child focused.Since we strive to follow the child, we admit children into our environment all around the year and the ideal age for admitting the child is 2 - 3 years. This is very unlike the traditional schools where the children can be admitted only at the beginning of the year and need to be of a certain age only in those months. From then on the child progresses with us at his/her own pace until the age of 6 years.

Admission Process

  1. Meet us with your child to get acquainted with the environment
  2. Fill out the Admission Form (Rs. 100/-)
  3. Provide us with the child's
    • Birth certificate photocopy (xerox) - 1 No.
    • Passport size photos - 2 No.s
  4. Pay Tuition Fees (12 months or 2 x 6 months)