"The task of the educator lies in seeing that the child does not confound good with immobility and evil with activity."

- Dr. Maria Montessori

Mrs. Shalini Patnam is a strong believer of the methods and philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori ever since she saw the transformation in her own son who was put into a Montessori House of Children, in spite of her reservations. Having been brought up in a small town and faced the urban world across India and abroad her childhood dream to bring quality child education to the hinterlands got even more stronger when she got an opportunity to get trained in the Montessori methods.

She diligently completed the strenuous yet fulfilling year getting trained in dealing with the preprimary children at Indian Montessori Training Courses, Bangalore (S). Where normally people are left exhausted after this year old course and take a break, Mrs. Shalini went to grab another opportunity that came her way. She took up the elementary years training too at Indian Montessori Training Courses, Bangalore (N), along with her husband, commuting all the way from Hosur to Malleshwaram. Not satisfied with these two year long training courses she joined Head Start, rated Bangalore's #1 preschool, so that she could work with the children and see Montessori in action, before she took her entrepreneurial plunge.

Mrs. Shalini went on to give numerous trainings & consultations in India, Vietnam & Malaysia. She brought the same teacher training course started by Dr. Maria Montessori in India in 1939 to Hosur in 2015 and setup the Indian Montessori Training Courses - Hosur. Recognising her child-focus, expertise in the pedagogy and commitment to the movement, Mrs. Shalini was conferred her Directorship by the Indian Montessori Centre, making her eligible to setup her own teacher training courses under their aegis.

Her care for the child has made her exact perfection from herself as well as everything that she has put into the environment at Vismaya Montessori. Even the location has been selected such that it is very close to nature and away from thoroughfare to cater to the learning experiences and safety of the children.

Her passion for providing the right environment for the children to learn and develop is rivalled only by her passion for her family. We know how important it is for you to be able to handover your children to a trusted and capable adult. Come visit us to get to know more about our directress. Call on 948 948 09 88 to fix an appointment with her.

Directress, Mrs. Shalini Patnam